TAN Registration
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TAN Registration

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TAN Registration

Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) is an only one of its kind 10 digit alphanumeric code allotted by the Income Tax Department to all those persons who are required to deduct tax at the source of income. It is mandatory to quote TAN on all TDS returns or any TDS imbursement challan. These applications are digitized by NSDL and forwarded to the Income Tax Department, like the PAN applications. The Income Tax Department will issue the TAN, which will be closed to NSDL online. On the foundation of this, NSDL will issue the TAN letter to the applicant.

Now, Tan Registration procedure is working well. I have completed whole procedure and achieved fvu file through this procedure. No doubt it is lengthy procedure but works. In my view there may be short procedure to download the FVU file. In case you have not your complete data in soft or hard copy, you cannot collect fvu file through this procedure. It is well recognized that correction statement cannot be filed without having fvu files. Therefore it is second source to collect file. First easy source is to collect fvu file is through Nodal Center chosen by Income Tax Department.

However complete procedure to collect file through "Tan Registration" is given as under:-Deductors / collectors are required to furnish a quarterly TDS / TCS statement as per guidelines of the Income Tax Department (ITD). For any inform in the quarterly TDS or TCS statement, a correction declaration is furnished by the deductor or collector. Correction statement is ready on the latest statement details (accepted) at TIN central system. TDS/TCS statement (consolidated) provided by TIN will consist of all the updates done vide correction statements (accepted at TIN central system) filed by deductor/collector. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be available for:

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